About i·TRAFO Transformer

The i·TRAFO transformer enables the user to optimise energy consumption and adapt to the demands of present-day digitalisation.

With the i·TRAFO , voltages are regulated through automatic tap changes, and it can adapt them dynamically to the demand, without carrying out actions locally.

It is equipped with sensors that monitor the transformer 24/7.

It represents a basic innovation in the development of the smart network components that are going to transform the distribution network, thereby permitting digital transformation and making it easier to achieve the decarbonisation targets.

Amongst other functions, it also manages to increase the available capacity of the grid to integrate renewable energies increasing their market share.


  1. Greater versatility

    The best option for load and voltage fluctuations, overloads and integration of renewable energies and distributed generation.

  2. Ergonomic and easy to implement

    The new i·TRAFO is compact, autonomous and easy to install in any transformation centre.

  3. Adapted to your requirements

    Customised manufacture based on the customer’s requirements.


  • i·TRAFO makes possible to control its work and modify it remotely, achieving constant and automatic adaptation to the grid voltage changes
  • The i·TRAFO sensors monitor the transformer 24/7
  • i·TRAFO prevents voltage spikes making work more effective and increasing the useful working life of the transformer.


  • Scalable remote control and monitoring options
  • Option of integrating into Liquid K (biodegradable vegetable esters), vital for an environmentally-friendly design and one that also makes it possible to avoid the fire-fighting systems.

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